Are Clarks Shoes the Answer to Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain?

Are Clarks shoes a good option for individuals with plantar fasciitis? If you’re someone who suffers from this common foot condition, you know how debilitating the pain can be. With every step, the discomfort in your heel and arch can make even the simplest activities challenging. 

Finding the right footwear can make a significant difference in managing plantar fasciitis pain, and Clarks Shoes are one of the brands that people often turn to for relief. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at whether Clarks Shoes are a suitable option for individuals with plantar fasciitis.

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are Clarks shoes good for your feet?

The answer is yes – if you choose the right pair. Clarks Shoes are designed with a focus on both style and comfort, with features such as cushioned footbeds, flexible soles, and supportive arches.

These features can help to reduce the risk of foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, as well as alleviate pain and discomfort for those who are already suffering from foot conditions. 

As a brand, Clarks Shoes have been around for nearly 200 years and have built a reputation for creating comfortable and high-quality footwear.

Additionally, Clarks Shoes are available in a range of sizes and widths, ensuring that you can find a pair that fits well and provides the support your feet need. So, if you’re looking for stylish and comfortable shoes that can help keep your feet healthy, Clarks Shoes may be a good option for you.

which are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis? Expert Opinion

According to podiatrists, the best shoes for plantar fasciitis are those that provide adequate arch support, cushioning and shock absorption. Shoes with a firm heel counter and a rocker sole can also help to reduce pressure on the plantar fascia.

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot condition that affects millions of people worldwide. The good news is that there are shoes available that can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

In a study conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, it was found that wearing shoes with good arch support and cushioning can significantly reduce pain and improve function in individuals with plantar fasciitis. Therefore, investing in a good pair of shoes can be a worthwhile solution for managing this condition.

Clarks Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

One brand that consistently receives positive reviews from both podiatrists and individuals with plantar fasciitis is Clarks. Clarks dress or casual shoes, in particular, are designed with features that provide excellent support and cushioning, making them an ideal option for those with plantar fasciitis.

Comparison of Clarks Shoes with Other Brands for Plantar Fasciitis

Here’s a comparison of Clarks Shoes with other popular brands for their suitability for plantar fasciitis:

Clarks ShoesBrooks, Asics, New Balance
Arch SupportClarks Shoes are designed with supportive arches to help reduce strain on the plantar fasciaBrooks, Asics, and New Balance also offer shoes with excellent arch support
CushioningClarks Shoes have cushioned footbeds to provide comfort and shock absorptionBrooks, Asics, and New Balance also prioritize cushioning in their shoe designs
StyleClarks Shoes prioritize style, making them suitable for both casual and dressy occasionsBrooks, Asics, and New Balance are primarily focused on athletic shoes, so their designs may be less versatile for different occasions
PriceClarks Shoes are generally more expensive than other brands, due in part to their focus on styleBrooks, Asics, and New Balance offer a range of shoes at different price points, making them more accessible for those on a budget
SoleClarks Shoes tend to have more flexible soles, which may be more comfortable for some individualsBrooks, Asics, and New Balance may have stiffer soles, which can provide better support for some people with plantar fasciitis

Overall, while Clarks Shoes and the other brands mentioned have similarities in terms of arch support and cushioning, there are differences in their design priorities, price points, and sole flexibility.

Moreover, Clarks Shoes are well reputed in dress and casual shoes while brands like Brooks, Asics, and New Balance are known for their athlete shoes.

are Clarks shoes good for walking or Running?

Yes, Clarks shoes are generally good for walking. They offer a range of shoes with features such as cushioning, arch support, and durable soles that make them suitable for walking and other everyday activities. 

However, it’s important to choose a shoe that is appropriate for your specific walking needs, such as a comfortable fit and good traction on the surfaces you’ll be walking on. It is important to note that other brands like Brooks, Asics, and New Balance offer great features in their athlete shoes for plantar fasciitis as compared to Clarks. 

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Top 7 Best Clarks Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

For your ease, we have listed seven pairs of shoes that you can choose for this condition and keep yourself relaxed.

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01. Step urban mix Sneakers.

People with plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain need comfort and excellent support. It is especially enquired in the heel area. So, if you are suffering from foot pain and hunting for shoes that you can wear all day long then Clarks Urban mix sneakers are perfect for you.

The shoes come with all features that you expect from the best Clarks shoes for plantar fasciitis. The imported shoes with rubber soles come with ortho-lite shoes that pamper the whole foot and absorb shocks especially if you are walking on non-plain tracks.


One of the favorite shoes for those suffering from foot problems provides stability, support, and comfort. The shoes with textile construction have a somewhat high heel to provide the wearer stability plus bring a style to your personality.

The best thing that makes the shoes unique to others is the presence of Clark’s cloud stepper technology. It means it offers complete comfort without aggravating your foot pain. Rather it provides you relief and adds confidence during your walking activity.

The shoes come with a removable ortholite footbed. This gives an advantage to the wearer by offering additional comfort and help in removing the foot pain.

The removable insoles are the perfect solution for your irritating foot conditions. The Clarks men’s shoes for plantar fasciitis truly meet the wearer’s expectation and provide a soothing effect to your feet.

The shoes with four stars plus ratings are ideal to wear during your walks and casual activity. Buy it and bring relief to your life.

Why great for plantar fasciitis?

I like these shoes because of their stylish construction with a somewhat high heel. Moreover, the removable insoles add a plus point to shoes as it offers comfort to painful feet.

  • Removable ortholite insole
  • Textile construction
  • Affordable
  • It may be hard for some wearers.

02. Clark’s Cottrell Loafer for plantar fasciitis

Looking for shoes that are affordable and provide relaxation to your painful feet? then why not give a chance to Clarkss men Cottrell loafer the perfect choice for those having plantar fasciitis issue.

Although we think that shoes with cushioning that people need for foot problems are expensive. No, it is not true all the time. the reasonable shoes offer all the comfort that you need in the Clarks shoes for plantar fasciitis. 

The shoes with leather construction offer the perfect supportive fit that at the end of the day you will feel no stress in your feet.


Credit: Shop Zappos

The design of the shoes offers the best comfort to your feet. the light in weight shoes are best to wear during your walk or in office. Even you have to stand all day long these shoes can be your best partner.

The shoes come with the breathable leather upper that means your feet remain dry and cool. There will be no wetting or feet In fact you will remove your shoes and will get fresh feet without any stinging smell.

Another feature that makes the boots perfect for plantar fasciitis condition is the presence of ortholite, memory foam cushioning technology. Wear your shoes with confidence as you will feel no pain and get a relaxing feel.

Why great shoes for plantar fasciitis?

Well, in my thoughts it is the perfect pair of shoes for those having nerve pain or other foot condition as it offers extreme comfort in the affordable price range. Plus, the memory foam that offers full stability and helps you to walk without bringing stress on your feet.

  • Breathable outsole
  • Ortholite cushioning
  • Memory foam
  • Affordable
  • Not best for wet surfaces.

03. Clarks Un Ramble Go for plantar fasciitis

For those who are looking for the perfect balance of cushioning and stability then Clark’s un ramble makes the ideal choice. The imported leather shoes come with the synthetic sole to offer you extreme comfort.

The high rated shoes have become the choice of many patients as it has a stylish appeal. Either you are going to the office or to any semi-formal event you can wear them confidently as it will keep your feet relax and you can attend the party without any pain in your feet. the shoes give the superior comfort that you need in your best shoes for plantar fasciitis.


Credit: Shop Zappos

The leather constructed shoes have a premium design with the stitched details. For additional support, the shoes come with a lace-up closure so that you can grip your feet according to your comfort level.

One of the best things about the shoes that make it superior to others is the presence of the ortholite footbed. It offers not only the comfort to your feet but also provide flexibility.

It means the boot contours according to your foot position so there is no more additional stress on your feet. moreover, the shoes have breathable properties.

That’s mean your feet remain cool and dry thus offering you complete relaxation. Another feature that makes this pair of shoe ideal for the plantar fasciitis patients is the presence of the EVA outsole.

The major benefit associated with this type of outsole is that it offers good tensile strength and has excellent shock-absorbing properties. Moreover, it is water-resistant. So, if you have to move any wet surface then don’t lose your confidence and walk comfortably.

Why great shoes for plantar fasciitis?

To sum up, I think it is this pair of shoes that must be part of your wardrobe if you really want to calm your painful feet. the comfort, flexibility, support, and breathability all features are best to meet your feet with plantar fasciitis condition.

  • Breathable outsole
  • EVA sole construction
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive and flexible
  • Somewhat larger in appearance

04. Clarks Men Untrail Form Shoes

Another pair from the house of Clarks offers the quality, performance, durability, and versatility, the leather constructed shoes are best for your formal events as well as to wear in your office.

No need to worry if you are suffering from nerve pain, the stress in your muscles or toe pain. These shoes are good to wear all day long. At the end of the day, you will feel no pain and have a relaxing feel.

The shoes offer stability, support, and better traction. Thus, it gives you confidence and you can continue your activity without having any foot problem.


The normal width shoes with the gum rubber will cover all your needs for sure. The shoes are constructed with a leather outsole and rubber insole. Due to this feature, it brings flexibility in your shoes.

No matter what is the position of your feet, it will mold accordingly. Thanks to gum rubber sole that give it a soft and flexible feature. Moreover, it offers the shock absorbing and bouncing feature.

Enjoy walking or running in the dry or wet surface as the gum rubber sole provides you full support. Get the best grip and traction even in slippery surfaces and add confidence while doing your activities.

Although shoes are built with normal width and have high heels yet these are comfortable to walk in plain and rough surfaces.

Why great shoes for plantar fasciitis?

So, if you are in search of extraordinary flexible shoes with extreme comfort then don’t ignore the pair of shoes. It has all features that one high rated pair of shoes must have. go for it and enjoy your daily life activities with no pain and no stress

  • Gum rubber sole
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Somewhat stiff


05. Clarks Untailor Cap Shoes for plantar fasciitis

Bring elegance in your personality and add a soothing effect to your feet by adding the Clarks untailor cap shoes in your wardrobe. The premium shoes are perfect to keep in your collection for attending formal events.

Although, when you have a plantar fasciitis problem or any foot pain you resist attending the functions by wearing these shoes you will never think to bunk your favorite event, the incredible pair of shoes will be the perfect addition in your shoe collection.

Let’s have a look at its construction and design to satisfy yourself before buying.


The shoes are constructed with high-quality leather. One of the exclusive features that the company has added in the shoes is the toe cap.

The main advantage is that it reduces the pain from your toes and can bear the falling pressure. It helps in preventing injuries due to falling objects on your toes.

Moreover, thanks to the ortholite insole bed that relieves your pain and gives you extra soothing as well as comfort to your feet. 

in addition, the EVA sole adds further flexibility, support, and comfort thus make the pair of shoes perfect for your irritating foot pain.

Another plus point, that takes the shoe rating high is the presence of the reinforced rubber toe and heel pads, just feel you have placed your feet in the soft cushion and make your routine walks super comfy. The shock-absorbing property gives you relaxation and keeps you stress-free.

Why great shoes for plantar fasciitis?

If you want to get relief from your annoying foot pain and want to attend the event comfortably then buy the pair of boots with confidence. Although you have to spend the extra money it will be worthy to buy these expensive formal shoes with a toe cap.

  • Shock absorbing feature
  • EVA sole
  • Toe cap
  • Formal shoes not for running

06. Clarks Grandin Plain Shoes

The minimalist design aesthetic shoes with clear construction are ideal for men suffering from the plantar fasciitis problem. The shoes offer maximum comfort because of the presence of ortholite insole technology.

The stylish shoes with lace-up closure make a perfect match with your suiting and casual dresses. The smooth textile lining, lace-up entry, and supportive feature make it a perfect pair of shoes.


The designer has used the leather and textile lining to make it durable and lightweight shoes. The rubber sole inside makes it flexible and helps in positioning the shoes according to the shape of your foot. So, in this way, you feel no stress an continue your activity with comfort. 

Full-grain tumbled leather adds elegance and makes it good arty wear shoes. Talking about the features that soothe your feet, it will not disappoint you.

It is all because of the presence of ortholite insole constructed with cushion soft technology. Keep your feet in a relaxing footbed and have a wonderful experience with the high performing shoes.

Why great shoes for plantar fasciitis?

For me, it’s a stylish shoe pair that gives relaxation and soothing feel. The lace-up closure offers the proper grip to your feet and cushion soft technology will not irritate you during your activities.

  • Cushion soft technology
  • Comfortable
  • Lace-up closure
  • Rubber sole
  • The heel is not reinforced

07. Clarks Unlarvik Peak for plantar fasciitis

Clarks company is serving its customers for more than 100 years and never disappointed the users. It always brings comfort to the consumer’s life.

If you are annoyed with your plantar fasciitis condition and frustrated by trying different shoes then kick all old one out and give a chance to Clarks Un Larvik peak shoes.

The boots are perfectly made for those suffering from foot nerve pain and such other conditions. The super nice shoes with the perfect size give you a relaxing feeling and you will feel no tiredness on wearing them all day long.


The well-cushioned shoes are light in weight and superb in the stability. The leather constructed shoes come with a rubber sole and ortholite insole so the wearer does not get any problem and walks with comfort. The sturdy design with extraordinary durability has on slip feature so you can walk on the wet tracks with no fear of slipping. These are the shoes that are ideal to wear in ground activity or on rough surfaces.

Why great shoes for plantar fasciitis?

The comfortable and well-built shoes will not disappoint you while walking on rough tracks. No matter what type of foot pain you have it will soothe you and will remain your best companion throughout the day. It will comfort you and relax you for sure.

  • Ortholite technology]
  • Durable
  • Perfect to walk on rough and wet surfaces
  • Expensive

Tips for Choosing the Right Clarks Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Choosing the right Clarks shoes for plantar fasciitis can make a significant difference in reducing pain and discomfort. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Clarks shoes for your plantar fasciitis:

  1. Arch support: Look for shoes with good arch support to help distribute your weight evenly and reduce pressure on your plantar fascia.
  2. Footbed: Opt for shoes with a cushioned footbed or padding to absorb shock and reduce the impact on your feet.
  3. Sole: Choose shoes with a sturdy and durable sole that provides good traction and support, which can help prevent slips and falls.
  4. Lacing System: Consider shoes that have an adjustable closure, such as laces or straps, so you can customize the fit to your foot.
  5. It’s always a good idea to try on shoes at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen, and walk around to ensure a comfortable fit.

Remember, everyone’s feet are different, so it’s important to choose shoes that work best for your individual needs. If you’re unsure which Clarks shoes are best for your plantar fasciitis, it’s always a good idea to consult with a podiatrist or shoe specialist.

Final Verdict: Clarks Shoes for Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Clarks has been working for customers for more than a century. All the pairs of shoes described above are perfect for men having plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain problem.

Choose the Clarks men’s shoes for plantar fasciitis according to your need and see how these special shoes bring change in your life. select wisely and stay comfortable.

Are you interested to explore more options or some useful information about plantar fasciitis? Stay tuned! here is our blog.

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