Best exercises to lose weight with plantar fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is the excessive pain in one’s heels. This happens because of the inflammation of the tissue that acts as a joint between your heel bone and your toes.

This tissue is known as Plantar Fascia, which provides support to your foot. However, due to daily chores, this tissue can face a lot of trouble. It is unable to take too much pressure, and that is when the problem arises. The pain can be dull as well as sharp. It varies for different people.

Weight loss

Since this condition exerts too much pressure on feet, weight loss is going to be the best timely solution to deal with it. If a person engages himself in exercises, he will experience that his feet are getting better.

His heels won’t ache anymore. This is the best-known treatment for plantar fasciitis. However, it is still going to be very hard for the people who are already suffering from it. Weight loss might be not less than a challenge for these people but it is always important to stay motivated and keep going.

Exercises with Plantar Fasciitis

Losing weight is never easy. It’s way too difficult for people who have plantar fasciitis. However, the only thing that can relieve their pain is regular exercising. It is difficult, but not impossible. At times, a person would want to give up but this is the only best way you can get rid of the heel pain. 

There are various exercises that are very beneficial for the people with this pain. Another important point of consideration is to keep your feet comfortable while you choose to exercise.

Make research and look for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. If your shoes are not providing comfort to your feet, you won’t be able to exercise properly and your feet will probably start aching more. 

Stationary cycle

Here a person makes movements as if he/she is riding a bicycle. This exercise can be done in gyms, or even in homes. It is better than running because it does not exert too much pressure on your feet.

Hand cycle

Though this exercise is very similar to the stationary cycle, it is very beneficial. It consists of hand pedals and not foot pedals. This does not put pressure on your foot. This exercise is best for the upper muscles of the body. 

Battle ropes 

This can be found at various gyms. This is the best exercise to lose weight with plantar fasciitis.  In order to perform this exercise, one is required to stand in an athletic manner. Afterwards, the person has to hold the rope in both hands. Move the rope up and then start slamming these ropes downward one by one. The movements should be repeated three to five times for thirty seconds. 


Running sprints exerts too much pressure on the foot which can be painful for people with plantar fasciitis. Therefore, sprints should be performed with the cardio equipment as it won’t bring you any pain and is equally effective. 

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