Best Football Boots for Plantar Fasciitis in 2021

Best Football Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

If you are one of those people who feel excruciating pain in their heels and the pain is so intense that you can hardly bear, there are chances that you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. 

It is an inflammation of the tissues that join your bones, more specifically, the tissues that join your toes to your heels.

If you have an athletic soul and have a passion for playing football but the pain of your heels is unbearable for you, then this article is for you as I am going to tell you about the best football boots for plantar fasciitis

What Is Plantar Fasciitis? 

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Plantar fasciitis is the condition that may start when you notice and feel a typical sharp pain stabbing in your heels usually early in the morning.

It may be a faint ache that may radiate along with the heels down along the bottoms of your feet. You may experience it in one of your feet or both.

Thanks: Michigan Medicine’s Dr. Christine Jarocki

How to Overcome Plantar Fasciitis?

Investing your money in the best insoles and boots to combat your discomfort or pain is the best way to manage the symptoms of pain.

Since football is one of the games that can cause plantar fasciitis to you. This is due to the intense workout sessions and training sessions that you follow. It can also happen if you are a football player who spends quite a lot of time standing on your feet.

It is, therefore, necessary to take precautionary measure and to keep your comfort at first. If left untreated the plantar fasciitis may become a chronic condition that can lead you to other problematic conditions of the knee, hip, feet, and backbone.

Here Are Our TOP 10 Best Football Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Tiebao Unisex Kids Adults Rubber Cleats: Best Budget Football Boots
2. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats: Best Value For Money
3. Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Academy MG: best football boots for heel support
4. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc: Best Football Boots for ankle support
5. Nike Men’s Football Shoes: Best Plantar Fasciitis Football Shoes
6. Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II: Best Football Boots For Orthotics
7. Adidas Men’s Football Boots: Best Football Shoes Under 100
8. Adidas Ace 17.1 FG Men’s Soccer: Best Boots/Cleats For Flat Feet
9. Littleplum Soccer: Best Cheap Football Cleats/Boots For Plantar Fasciitis
10. Adidas Mundial Team Turf: Best Football Boots Ever

01. Tiebao Unisex Kids Adults Lace Up Rubber Cleats

Tiebao is a renowned manufacturer that has been manufacturing quality products for soccer and football players for around the past 10 years. They can be easily trusted for the quality product and the comfort level that they deliver.

The product is available in the choice of multiple colors so it’s easier for you to select the color according to your choice and the age group because Tiebao is offering these rubber cleats for all, be it teenage kids or adults. 

So they have carefully selected their color palette in designing their shoes so that they stand in terms of the fashion trend.

Out-Sole of Tiebao Unisex

The sole is made up of rubber that has short and dense rubber cleats outsole. The outsole might affect your ground grip but on the other hand, it also provides better and a great amount of protection to your knees.


They are offered in a wide range of sizes so you don’t need to worry to get the best fit for you. The boots are neither too light nor too heavy. This makes them perfect to carry on the go without worrying about losing the shots.

Good for plantar fasciitis?

With protected knees, there is less chance of plantar fasciitis. And if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, you will have a comfortable football-playing session.

The rubber cleats by Tiebao are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. They are also suitable for your daily training sessions and surely won’t disappoint you. 

They are the best football shoes for plantar fasciitis under 100. Since they are offering great quality at an amazing price and with the durability you can surely check these rubber outsoles out if you are one of the footballers who is experiencing plantar fasciitis. 

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route The Tiebao lace-up rubber cleats works wonder on flat and smooth tracks whether you play indoor or outdoor.
  • Off-Roading The dense rubber outsole of the cleat provides you with the much-needed grip on the ground. When tested on the road, it provides an excellent grip to footballers and allows them to win with ease.
  • Elevating The Tiebao lace-up cleat stick firm to the ground and provides you with the best turns and strikes on elevated surfaces.
  • Different
  • Protective
  • Smaller than the actual fit
  • Dense and short outsole

02. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

This is the most demanding and iconic cleat being offered by Adidas and the best football cleat for plantar fasciitis in the market. They feature a super smooth, silky, and comfortable kangaroo leather at the forefoot. The K leather ensures that you have a soft and comfortable feel while wearing it.

Molded studs of Adidas Unisex

These soccer cleats from Adidas offer you a soft touch on the ball and the well-fitted leather snugly fits into your shoes making it easier for your feet to mold in it. The molded studs of these cleats dig deep into the ground and help you in firm control on the ground.

Arch Support

With the minimal break-in period, these boots are known to be game-ready when you take them out of the box. They offer you a shaft measure of approximately 6-12 inches from the arch which helps in giving comfort to you.

Good for wider feet?

Adidas offers you an option of a wide range of sizes available in Copa Mundial soccer cleats so there is a cleat for everyone. Also, with a good and wide platform, it is a good choice for wider feet. Since the kangaroo leather stretches upon wearing.

It expands upon wearing too, so go for your actual size or a half size smaller than your actual size if you are planning to buy these for your football gaming session.

With Adidas, you can enjoy an extended period while enjoying your football game without worrying about your plantar fasciitis pain.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route Adidas Copa Mundial offers you with plenty of maneuverability once you plant your foot on. This firm ground cleat is the one that you need for grass just as often as you need them for Turf
  • Off-Roading With the molded studs, Copa Mundial is ideal for the rough surfaces and terrain. Upon testing, they provide firm support on the ground.
  • Elevating Copa Mundial provides resistant traction on elevating surfaces with its equal-sized studs all around the surface and slightly wider studs on the heel for constant stability.
  • Offers great durability and life
  • A good amount of padding and protection
  • Good value for what you are getting
  • Heavy body due to bulk
  • The tongue may be annoying

03. Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Academy MG

These shoes from Nike are created for serious and fast players who don’t compromise on the speed while at play. Nike is one of the best manufacturers of sports shoes that have been delivering quality products to meet your demands.  See the best Nike shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

Great choice

The mercurial superfly offers you 360 adjustments along with support and comfort. This is the reason why these are loved by some renowned football players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Mbappe.


The outer body of these shoes is resistant and is made up of adaptable synthetic fibre on the cap of the toe. The seamless surface provides you with an excellent strike and offers you great contact with the ball.

3D Technology Touch

The 3D technology of these shoes includes different thickness degrees to assemble your foot.  This ensures that you have proper contact between your foot and the ball while you are playing so you have a better strike and hit.


The outsole is versatile with strategically positioned MG studs. These studs make you prepared to play on any ground be it earth, turf or an artificial grass pitch. Your performance won’t be much affected.

Highly comfortable

The material used for the ankle and tongue is similar to that of the fly knit. This offers you an adjustment and compressive sensation thereby ensuring that you are offered a great level of comfort. The dynamic fit collars of these shoes link your lower leg and feet while leaving your ankle free to move.

If you are a player who loves to compete with other football players at an amateur or initiation level and value the comfort of your foot these shoes are ideal for you. With unique touch or thread and traction of the versatile plate, you have a grip on almost any and every ground.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route Nike’s mercurial Superfly VI works well on flat paths and grounds be it indoor or outdoor.
  • Off-Roading The Nike’s Superfly 6 is coupled with a split soleplate chassis and Chevron studs which ensures a solid dig on uneven surfaces.
  • Elevating Superfly’s aggressive stud pattern is built to provide you with quick movements and acceleration even on the elevated surfaces. They are sure to provide you with the needed grip.
  • Streamlined and lightweight
  • Premium micro-textured upper
  • Not durable

04. Under Armour Men’s Highlight Mc Football Shoe

These superb and highly woven football shoes are manufactured by under armor are attacked ready and give you nothing but an extremely lightweight body. They are super high and ridiculously light.

With a light body, they drag you down and the attack-ready cleats give you a super streamlined and fully locked-in speed without causing any pain in heels.


The lightweight material of these shoes is an innovation that contours according to your feet. This helps in amping up your joints and muscles and ensures that you are given a better feel along with the perfect fit and support.

3D Molded MPZ Tongue

It comes with a 3D molded MPZ tongue that custom forms according to your foot to provide you with extra support. Also, the UA ClutchFit upper wraps your foot in an additional second skin giving you an advantage of powerful support with an incredible feel.

For superior flexibility and better ease of entry, the under Armour football shoes are provided with extended eyebrow cut-outs. 

UA PlasmaX Plate

The UA PlasmaX plate gives the natural motion power to your foot for maximum traction and stability. Since they are provided with Molded 4D Foam footbed it is assured that your feet are in their exact shape. This eliminates slippage and reduces cleats pressure.

V56 Technology

They also come with V56 technology at their forefoot. This technology is engineered to help limit hyperextension in toes. The triangular studs deliver you with all-direction traction while the secondary cleats engage to provide you with a razor-sharp cut and an explosive acceleration.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route Under Armour football cleats is capable of changing the game on any down. With their reliable traction, they stand for long on flat grounds.
  • Off-Roading these cleats feature strategically-placed spikes that support and ensure quick moves on rough and artificial surfaces. Although may compromise your performance on a damp or wet terrain.
  • Elevating when tested for elevation UA cleats help you fire off the line of scrimmage with all the support you need.
  • Very light on weight
  • Out of the box ready, does not require breaking in
  • Provides with an amazing grip
  • Supportive and speedy
  • Ankle collar may rub against ankle
  • Less breathability

05. Nike Men’s Football Shoes

The Nike Premier 2 offers you the best and an affordable kangaroo leather football and soccer cleat. The upper of the shoe is made of premium kangaroo leather along with a synthetic leather heel counter.

Kangaroo Leather

The kangaroo leather can cushion the impact of the ball that may fit with your foot. This allows a soft touch to the foot but a solid kick to the ball.


It is recommended that you buy your actual size since the upper of these shoe molds and adjust according to your feet. Because of the cushioned heel liners, the shoes fit your feet coming right out from the box.

Fold-over Tongue

Since the leather itself is quite thin in comparison to other cleats. It provides you with the feel of touching the ball. It also features a fold-over tongue which makes it look like your old school shoes. However, the tongue does not add much bulk to the shoes.

Protection Level

Also, the K leather provides greater protection to you because it’s fairly thick. The lacing system is central. The insole and lacing system assures that there is no slippage of the foot and provide you with a secure lockdown fit.

Conical Studs

It comes with conical studs. These 13 conical studs at the soleplate allow your foot to pivot on sharp turns. It also provides firm support to your feet while you are playing or standing. The traction is also very simple with a good amount of bite.


With its lightweight, it won’t weigh you down while you are sprinting or dribbling. The plate of the sole is also thin and lightweight. The flexibility of the soleplate gives you great maneuverability and feel for the ball. 

If you are football enthusiasts who don’t seek fancy colorful cleats and want the traditional old school shoes with the best quality then Nike men’s football shoes are surely on go for you.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route Nike premier II comes with a responsive soleplate that is ready for a striking game on a flat surface.
  • Off-Roading Premier 2 works equally well off the roads without compromising with your performance.
  • Elevating it shines a bit upon testing for elevation.
  • Good bargaining price
  • Fit from narrow to wide feet
  • Flexible soleplate
  • Kangaroo leather needs extra maintenance

06. Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II Fg Soccer Cleat

Being a favorite cleat of many attacking football players, such as Neymar, Wayne Rooney, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic the Hypervenom phelon II by Nike are great if you want to look and play like real football heroes.

The cleats are offered in many attractive colors so you can choose the one that you like for yourself. Since they won’t stretch and are super tight, it is recommended that you get a size bigger than your actual size so you can play comfortably without blisters and pain.


They are offered in an anatomical design that creates a glove-like fit. This ensures agility for you. The laces system is asymmetrical which expands the ball control area and also the strike zone. The upper of these cleats is made up of synthetic leather and is textured offering you an improved touch with the ball.


The sock liner is molded and perforated which reduces the pressure of the cleats and increases breathability. The outsole is made of a synthetic base and comes with studs that help to give support while playing or standing.    

The Firm Ground system of these cleats is built for unrivaled agility on the pitch. They come in an affordable range and can be easily purchased since they are the best football shoes for plantar fasciitis under 100.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route With the supporting studs on the soleplate, these football cleats are good on firm ground and flat smooth surfaces. They are sure to provide you with great performance on the pitch.
  • Off-Roading Hypervenom phelon 2 gives stunning results and performance on real grass and artificial surfaces without causing much trouble to the players. These Firm Ground (FG) cleats are perfect for use on short-grass fields that may be a little wet but seldom muddy.
  • Elevating The phelon 2 gives an average result on testing for elevated surfaces but the results were much better than other football cleats.
  • Durable and can last for long
  • Medium price range, thus affordable
  • Mold well for wide feet
  • Sizing may be an issue for some users

07. Adidas Men’s Football Boots

The Adidas Men’s Football Boots are also known as Kaiser 5. These football boots from Adidas are available in an array of attractive and vibrant color choices. To the sides, it has an Adidas 3 stripes accent which is enough to make it look elegant.

The shoes are praised by the users for their durability and quality being offered that makes them last for years without causing any pain.


It offers a high level of comfort to you and gives you a feeling of wearing a soft slipper. It comes in classic and aesthetic design and color so if you are a player who is not fond of flashy neon and fancy colors and wants a traditional pair then you can consider buying it.


The upper of these boots are made of full-grain leather and has a soft synthetic lining that combines to give you an exceptional ball feel with comfort. The quick-drying synthetic lining also makes them worthy of their sterling reputation.

Die-cut EVA Midsole

The die-cut EVA midsole is also fitted in the cleats that work as a shock absorber and provides a great cushioning effect. The outsole is made of polyurethane that is ideal for firm natural grass and makes the boot durable

Conical Studs

Studs are present at the soleplate for traction. These conical studs offer an excellent grip on the firm ground and also help in supporting you while playing. The outsole is durable for hard grounds.

If you want an increased performance and goal score at the playground then Kaiser 5 by Adidas is great for you. 

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route The Adidas Kaiser 5 is an ideal football cleat to play on hard ground and at artificial pitches.
  • Off-Roading Kaiser 5 is surely there to defend your turf and rough bumpy and irregular pitch, making sure you win the game.
  • Elevating Adidas Men’s football cleats were tested and found quite well for elevation.
  • Light and effective sole cushioning
  • Adapt to fit after shot wear
  • Leather tends to stretch and loose over time
  • Lack of energy in attracting colors

08. Adidas Ace 17.1 FG Mens Firm Ground Soccer Boots/Cleats

Being offered in an array of some cool and modern colors, the Adidas Ace 17.1 is firm on the ground and feature a prime knit zoned forefoot. The prime knit upper wraps your foot in adaptive support and provides you with ultralight comfort.


The material offered is stiff and rigid but works well with the cleats. A sprint frame outsole with TPU studs ensures that you have better and more reliable traction on firm ground.

It offers a great sprint frame and traction to you so you won’t have any issues of slipping on the turf or the grass while playing.

With Adidas Prime knit firm ground soccer boots you can take your touch to the next level. The prime knit technology enables these boots to feature a new zoned forefoot to ensure that you have a snug fit around your toe box.


The pure control sock offers you sleek compression and increases stability. A thin layer of NSG Non-Stop Grip is applied to the upper part made of prime knit. This provides you with a consistent level of grip on the ball in any weather and ground conditions.

For additional support and stability, ACE 17.1 includes Techfit in the mid and rearfoot. This anchors the foot in its place while the sock liner ensures you with proper cushioning effect.


These boots are lightweight to give you firm support the TPU studs ensure to give you high-speed control and good stability.

If you want a feel of an absolute high-end shoe that won’t disappoint you in the ground you can easily rely on ACE 17 by Adidas.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route You will find Adidas Ace 17.1 great for both, indoor and outdoor. it works the same either ways giving you equal grip and support.
  • Off-Roading Ace 17.1 gives great performance on off-road courses too. It works well on wooden surfaces, slippery and inclined too.
  • Elevating Adidas Ace 17.1 is good for elevating surfaces and provides good control for cuts and moves.
  • Lightweight and comfortable wear
  • Front lacing
  • Size tends to be small then other cleats
  • A bit pricey

09. Littleplum Soccer Cleats Shoes Football Boots Cleats High-top

These are lightweight and upright shoes by Littleplum best football cleats for kids. They are ideal for children who love to have an extensive session of playing football and soccer. They are great for professional training as well as for competitions.


It comes with a sock-like ankle stocking. The stocking is stretchable and soft made of fly knit mesh that wraps up your ankle to provide you with a sock-like intimate contact sensation. It also allows you for free foot movement and allows you to move with an instinct to control the ball coming with speed.


The outsole is made of synthetic material with cleats design. This features quick cuts and ensures a burst of speed for a variety of surfaces such as natural grass or synthetic turf etc.

Light weight and water resistant

The upper is supple, lightweight and durable made of synthetic leather. The ultra-thin layer present on the upper of the cleats helps to keep the water and debris away from the shoes.

 It comes in gradient color options. The gradient color combination offers you a perfect visual appearance.

ACC All Condition Control Technology

The cleats are rubber molded providing you with rotational traction configuration. Also, the ACC All Condition Control technology that it comes with, gives you the perfect control in wet and dry conditions alike.

With soft and breathable textile lining and adjustable lace closure, the Littleplum soccer boots give you the precision to rule the game in your way so you can bet they won’t disappoint you.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route The LittlePlum soccer cleats offer playing on different and variety of surfaces. They are great for performing on indoor and outdoor flat surfaces. 
  • Off-Roading Great for turf and real grass, LittlePlum gives great performance on bumps and irregular surfaces.
  • Elevating LittlePlum offers with average support on elevation.
  • Soft and breathable
  • Adjustable lace-up closure
  • Offers good quality at affordable price
  • Less durability

10. Adidas Mundial Team Turf Football Boots – Adult 

Be sure of selecting the best size for you when you are planning to buy the Adidas AstroTurf boots. Since the entire upper of the boot is made from kangaroo leather, the entire shoe can stretch and mold itself therefore you may experience an ill-fit shoe if you go for the perfect size.

Kangaroo leather

The K leather also makes it an ideal cleat for the widest of the feet so if you are having a wider foot and finding the best shoe for you is difficult, just give them a try.

The kangaroo leather of the upper is fairly thick and soft and makes it comfortable for you to wear making it the best football cleat for wide feet.

Due to the level of comfortability that they are offering to you, you can easily use them as an everyday shoe for you rather than restricting it for your football and soccer sessions only.

Old Fashioned yet comfortable

The shoes come with an old-fashioned design and feature a sporting leather tongue, a glued insole, and a thick heel liner.  The insole provides you with the much-needed padding to provide you with a cushioning effect.

Sole-plate and Studs

The soleplate of the shoes is very aggressive. The studs are fairly long and conical and are placed no more than an inch away from each other. This makes the soleplate to cover entirely with the little conical studs.

Turf Shoes for plantar fasciitis

On the turf, these studs provide you with the perfect grip without making you feel clingy. Check the best turf shoes for Plantar Fasciitis to see more about turf shoes. 

It can also double as a hard ground shoe if your play area is hard ground. Since the soleplate is very stable it will prevent you from any kind of pain in knee, heels or joints.

Performance in our cases

  • Flat-Route The rubber outsole of Mundial Team Turf improves the stability of these cleats on turf and hard grounds ensuring maximum performance and traction.
  • Off-Roading The Adidas Mundial Turf cleats perform well while on off roads giving flexibility to the players with comfort and support.
  • Elevating Adidas Mundial Turf has an average performance on elevation.
  • Very light on weight
  • Solid kangaroo leather
  • Bit pricey

Final Words: Best football boots for plantar fasciitis

Since now you know that plantar fasciitis is no more a hurdle between you and your football, you can play with confidence with the best football boots for plantar fasciitis and can surely win your game without bearing the pain.

To allay the symptoms of plantar fasciitis you must have proper support under the arch of your feet. Sufficient amounts of cushioning under the heels and to the forefront of your heels will also help you.

With the proper boots, playing football is not a big deal. Before going to buy your ideal pair of shoes just makes sure to properly measure both of your feet to determine the length, width, and arch of each of your feet.

I hope with this you have got sound information about plantar fasciitis and also about the features of the boots that are available for you so that you can wisely select the one that is ideal for you.

Are you interested to explore more options or some useful information about plantar fasciitis? Stay tuned! here is our blog.

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