How to do a Heel Stretch? Plantar Fasciitis Physical Therapy

Heel stretching is the main cheerleading stunt performed by standing on one leg. Even though it sounds like a warm-up exercise it requires much flexibility and stretch. In most cases, heel stretches are used as an exercise.

Although people suffering from heel problems search for the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, heel stretches can be very useful for treating the problem.

A heel stretch is not as simple as it sounds, but with a little practice, you can get there. Do you know how to do it? Since many people want to know how to do a heel stretch, here, in this article you have all that you need to know!

Step by step method to do a heel stretch

There are a few steps to follow if you want to do a heel stretch. These steps are explained, step by step below.

01. Do the warm up

Before you move to the stretching and the actual exercise, you should do a warm-up of a jog or stretching to warm and loosen your muscles.

You should do this for about 5 minutes. Once warming up is done, stretch your muscles, and pay more attention to your leg muscles.

You can do lunges, split stretches, etc. As a part of getting ready, kick your leg in the air as high as you can with 15-20 repeats.

02. Performing the move

Straighten your legs and stand holding your feet together. Kick your leg as high as it can. Now you need to catch your leg. If you are kicking the left leg, catch it with your left hand and vice versa.

Nevertheless, this a little difficult and you may not be able to this in the first try. Have someone to help you and keep trying. Once that is done, you must pull your leg to the torso at an angle of 45 degree from your body.

To remain stable, and to straighten up, now try pointing your toe and turning your leg from the socket.

03. Hold the heel stretch

Now, you have to hold the heel stretch by making a high “V” from your arms. Close the other hand into a fist, the one not holding the leg. This high “V” helps you keep your balance.

Hold your body tight and straighten your leg, keeping those core muscles engaged. In order to keep your balance, note the upper body posture and pay attention to the lower body muscles. Keep steady and smile your way through.

04. Perform the front heel stretch

Extending your leg to the side, begin the heel stretch position. Now, by dropping the hip down, you have to move your extended leg forward.

After this step, move the leg that was extended to the front while you keep your hand on your heel. Finally, use both your hands to hold the leg in front by moving the other arm from the “V” position and gripping the leg. That’s it! Your heel stretch is done.

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Thanks: Cleveland Clinic

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