How to fix shoe sole separation?

How To Fix Shoe Sole Separation

The sole is the essential part of a shoe; it protects a person’s feet from all the external factors and absorbs all the shocks of each step.

If your sole is damaged, and if you’re wondering how to glue sole back on the shoe, never fear, because fixing it is quite easy. You can fix your whole sole within half an hour and will be able to strap on your favorite footwear and will be on your merry way.

First, you’ll need to buy some high-quality glue for your sole ( and if you’re thinking of what kind of glue to use on shoes, don’t worry, there are multiple listed in this article) and you’re ready to go. Get your sole cleaned from the inside, particularly where the separation has occurred, and let it dry before applying the glue on the shoe.

Next, get your trusty glue and apply it liberally to the sole, and the area to which it’ll stick. Let the glue set within the shoe and clean off any excess glue that might be oozing from the sides. It’s better to clean it while it’s wet before it starts hardening.

Apply some weight on the separated area and let it dry. This part takes time, and each glue takes its own time to solidify and attach the sole to the rest of the shoe. Remove any excess glue that might have slipped out after solidifying and viola; your boot is good, new, and ready to use again!

How to glue sole back on the shoe?

To sole glue back on the shoes, takes some fabric glue and attach it to the sole that’s sticking out from the shoe. Apply it to both areas and attach them. Let the glue dry, and after it dries up, your sole is attached fully to your shoe once again!

What glue to use on shoes?

There are various kinds of glues that you can use on shoes, and frankly, the glue depends on the material you’re trying to attach. Casual shoes usually are fixed with fabric glues while much robust material is fixed through special shoe glues that you can find in most tailor and apparel shops.

Glues that are water-resistant and temperature resistant that will resist the multiple external forces will keep your shoes attached through thick and thin.

What is the best fabric glue?

Here are our 04 best fabric glue

1. E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive Glue
2. Boot-Fix Shoe Glue
3. Shoe Goo Shoe Repair
4. Gorilla Glue

Summary Of Best Fabric Glue

01. E6000 237032 Craft Adhesive Fabric Glue

Catering to all of your shoe fixing needs, this glue does the job. This cement-based adhesive will keep your shoes fixed at all times. No matter if you’re sole is detached, if your heel is wobbly or if the fabric is starting to rip, this glue can fix it without any problem. The applicator of this glue helps you apply the glue with absolute precision, and avoid getting any glue on your skin.

Extremely resistant:

The glue has many resistant materials applied within it as it can resist water, temperature, and is even fireproof. This means your glue will keep your shoe hold for a very long time.

High-quality ingredients used:

The mixture of the glue makes it a cement-based product, which means it’ll take a lot of factors and pressure to rip your shoe apart again.

What did we like?

  • Resistant to weather and fire.
  • Applicable to most shoe types such as leather and fabric.
  • Usable for other applications other than shoes as well.

02. Boot-Fix Shoe Instant Professional GradeGlue

You ever want your boot to be fixed instantly instead of waiting for long periods? Well, you can with this glue. This glue eliminates the waiting time because of its fast drying time and avoiding the need for clamping. The fact that it dries clear means you can also use it for colored shoes.

No clamping or curing:

Just apply the glue, and you’ll have fixed your boot instantly. Due to the sudden drying of the glue, you avoid any unnecessary damage to your shoe because of clamping or curing.


This glue has long-lasting properties that will keep your shoes glued together until they are completely worn out. The different factors that keep the shoe in check with the help of this glue make it popular among everyone that uses it.

What did we like?

  • Clear drying.
  • Instant drying, no wastage of time.
  • Resistant to water and temperature.
  • Compatible with most of your casual shoes.

03. Goo Shoe Repair Adhesive Glue Clear

If you want the most easily applicable glue, then you’re in the right place. Even if you have no experience in fixing shoes, this glue is the best introduction to the task. Your shoes will be good and new with this glue, keeping it together and adding a layer of protection to them.

Protective layer:

The glue shields the applied area from any variables that would damage the shoe. Not only are you fixing your shoes, but you’re making them more durable for use!

Patch fixing:

Not only is this glue great for fixing sole and heel detachments, but if you have patches in your shoe, then this glue will get the job done without any difficulty.

What did we like?

  • Elemental resistance.
  • Compatible with casual wear.
  • Flexible application.

04. Gorilla Glue polyurethane for shoe soles

This brand is easily recognizable, all due to its easy application and the robust nature of the adhesive that this bad boy carries. The glue is variable in its application, which makes it desirable amongst many shoe tailors.


Don’t be fooled with the amount of application, because the glue expands three times, making it extremely economical.

Tough bonding:

Just like the gorilla is known for its strength, the same can be said about this glue. It’s extremely durable and applicable to most materials.

What did we like?

  • It’s waterproof.
  • Expands three times on application.
  • Applicable to most materials and shoe components.

Conclusion: How to fix shoe sole separation?

What type of glue to use on shoes is essential to know if you want to keep rocking your favorite sneakers or classy, tailored made shoes. Glues come in a variety of types, and each glue has its perks and the variety of its application.

Looking at all these variables, the Shoe Goo Shoe Repair is the best shoe glue in all aspects, from its application, robustness, resistance, and even price. So enjoy your shoe fixing with the best of the best glue in the market.

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