How to do Therapy Wrap for Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a thick tissue band that is present across your feet’s bottom. This tissue when due to inflammation causes Plantar Fasciitis.

In Plantar Fasciitis, your heel may start having a stabbing pain that is normally present when you take your first steps after waking up in the morning. This pain may also be caused by spending more time standing or sitting. Exercising and workouts may make this pain worse. 

For getting a temporary treatment, you may do the icing and take the OTC medication. However, for a permanent cure, you need to look for more advanced options treatment options. 

Plantar Fasciitis Therapy Wrap

One of the common and effective remedies to Plantar Fasciitis is wrapping your feet. Plantar fasciitis normally causes pain in the heel which gradually moves on to your foot’s front.

Low or high arches can also be among some of the reasons. The pain is worse when you walk after long hours of sitting or lying. However, there might be some of treatments that you can try at home to get rid of such pain.

The treatments include applying ice, orthotics, stretching, ibuprofen, night splints, and inflammatory medications. If nothing of this works, you should go for surgery. Moreover wearing the best Plantar Fasciitis shoes may also help in relieving pain. 

If you have severe pain that couldn’t get treated by any of the treatments, you need to try therapy wrap based on the following mentioned steps. 

  1. Clean your foot and make sure it is dry so that the tape gets stuck to your skin. Start tapping your foot from the base of 1st toe and gradually keep taking along your foot’s sides, by heels and by other sides of your toe. 
  2. Then start applying the tape from your little toe’s base and gradually take it to the opposite side of your heel. Make sure that the tape you apply in the second attempt overlaps the tape being applied in the first attempt so that it forms a cross. 
  3. Just at the center point below the ball, wrap the tape at least twice so that the top part of the tape is duly reinforced. 
  4. Take small pieces of the same tape and start covering the left spaces. You need to make sure that the tape remains smooth all over your feet. 
  5. Secure the tape side by side by finishing it across the bottom. The tapping when finished should keep your toes and foot’s front exposed and all the other parts of the foot should be tapped. 

While you are doing this wrap therapy, you need to make sure that your footrest as much as possible. Moreover, some basic painkillers might also be helpful in the process of healing. You can also do icing and massage once after unwrapping your feet. 

For better results, things that you must make sure while wrapping your feet are that you need to wrap them in the morning and un-wrap them at the day end.  

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