What Cardio Exercises Can I Do With Plantar Fasciitis

The Plantar Fascia in our foot is shaped like a bowstring and the purpose of it is to basically support the arch of our heel and to absorb the shock as we walk. Since all our body weight tends to stress our feet, the excess tension if gets too great on the bowstring can cause us heel pain, swelling, and even inflammation.

You feel a stabbing pain as you wake in the morning and put your first step on the ground and even after a long period of standing. People who are overweight, healthy, and athletic often go through the situation more.

This is why you should either cope with it by wearing the best shoes for plantar fasciitis for better support for your arch or by following certain exercises at home for a better flex.

Symptoms and causes

It is obvious that to indicate it you feel pain and swelling, but sometimes the pain and swelling can be due to something else. The pain due to Plantar Fasciitis is stabbing and located at the bottom of your foot right near the heel.

Be sure that this pain can get worse when you stand up and take the first steps after waking up and can increase when you either stand for too long and even when you stand after sitting.

It is most common among aged people, preferably between 40 and 60. People who have excess pounds and are overweight also suffer through this. Athletes do activities that place a lot of stress on their heel, this contributes to the onset of Plantar Fascia and even abnormal patterns of walking.

If you ignore this, this pain can be chronic and swelling excessive that may lead to surgery later. The best thing is to take precautions and practice remedies at home before anything worse happens.

Home treatment

If you’re thinking of what cardio exercises I can do with Plantar Fasciitis, here are the number of ways that are effective and helpful.

Stationary Cycle

This, as the name recommends, mimics the movement of a bicycle or as if you’re riding one. The purpose of this is to have some foot muscle movement without putting too much effort into your feet. This is why the mimicking cycle is a lot better than running.


Swimming is a great exercise to do with Plantar Fasciitis, it does not leave a lot of impact on your feet as in fun as well. You can either swim laps or even attend an aerobic class. But be sure you are wearing supportive water shoes or at least spend minimal time outside the pool.


Any type of rowing is a great exercise for people with Plantar Fasciitis. Where rowing a boat sounds hectic and too much to organize, visit gyms with rowing machines where you basically pull a handle to spin on a flywheel.


You’re aware of running on a treadmill? The elliptical is a great alternative to that and leaves a much low impact than that. This cardio however may hurt your feet if they are sensitive. If it does, try different types of cardio listed above.

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