Top 8 Best Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2021

Best Orthopedic Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Shoes are what complete your whole appearance and hence why choosing them is an important decision.

Plantar Fasciitis is a quite disturbing and painful disease. When suffering from plantar fasciitis, You can’t afford ordinary shoes. It is essential that your footwear must be structured with some special features.

Must have features of orthopedic shoes for plantar fasciitis:

Table of Contents

1. Shock absorption capability of shoes sole
2. Enough inner support and cushioning
3. Nicer arch support
4. Wider toe box

Your wardrobe needs to have a couple of good pairs where you can wear to different occasions, and have the compliments showering in. For orthotic patients like Plantar Fasciitis, it’s a bit harder because the variety in comfortable shoes designed for them is limited.

This article will help in choosing the right pair for you. Whether you want to buy them for a toddler or want them for yourself, they’re all there.

Multiple features are fitted in their shoes that not a lot of people know about, what’s even more important is that these features have a drastic effect on your health.

That’s why choosing your shoes is essential if you want to get through your everyday endeavors, and with this article, you’ll know which shoes will be right for you.

Best Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here are Our Top 8 Best Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

1. Memo Princessa Corrective Orthopedic Leather Shoes
2. Orthofeet Diabetic Men’s Loafers Broadway
3. Orthofeet Diabetic Men’s Athletic Shoes
4. Ahannie Toddler Boys Girls Double Adjustable Strap Closed shoes
5. Orthofeet Top Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers Sprint
6. Orthofeet Tie Less Men’s Boat Shoes Baton Rouge
7. Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s High-Top Shoes Delta
8. Modern Jazz Dance, Easy Shoe Platform Loafers

Comparison: Best Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

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01. Memo Princessa Corrective Orthopedic Mary Jane AFO Shoes

Memo has outdone themselves with this pair. They’ve been pumping out pair after pair with exceptional quality, and its showing lately. The company cares what they’re producing for their customers, and that’s why it has a religious fan following.

The shoe has a lot to offer its little wearers. The inner rubber sole, coupled with insoles, provides relief for the foot with posture correcting qualities. The outer rubber sole provides the distribution of the weight of toddler, elevating the comfortability.

The heel of the shoe is made in a way that prevents the deformation of the feet. Couple that with the soft padded collar that prevents chafing. The interior is made from leather mobilizing the muscles for the foot. The upper is made of high-quality leather that helps protect and soothe the foot at the same time.

Support level 

The support level is phenomenal as it houses a lot of features for just another pair of toddler shoes. The outside rubber sole provides great relief, combined with the insoles that are found within, promising great support and comfort for the wearer.

Outsole Rubber Sole

The outsole rubber sole of the shoe helps in keeping stability while also providing for an afflicted medical condition. The rubber sole helps in relieving pain as it distributes the weight of the wearer all around the shoe.


The memo grey and orange arch support insoles provide various relief for various orthotic conditions—these arch support help in aiding the feet to establish a correct position.

Adjustable Hook and Loop

The adjustable hook and loop ensure that the shoe fits according to the wearer. The adjustability helps in finding the perfect fit for the little toddler.

  • Rubber sole for great traction.
  • They are designed for multiple foot-related conditions.
  • Arch support insoles for comfort.
  • Different insertable soles
  • Rigid heel for prevention of deformation of feet.
  • Soft collar made for prevention of chafing.
  • Thomas heel for prevention of elimination within the shoe.
  • The flatlining of the interior provides comfort.
  • Upper is soft and is made of premium leather
  • Expensive for toddler shoes

Final words:

This pair has a lot going for it, so it’s worth the buy. With so many features that you won’t find in any old pair of toddlers’ shoes, this takes the cake by going above and beyond through the inclusion of foot relieving properties.

02. Orthofeet Diabetic Men’s Loafers Broadway

Orthofeet has always been at the top of the market with its brand of shoes, and that’s due to the reason that they care about their customers. They are the number one orthotic shoe selling brand, and that won’t change anytime soon.

If you’re an office worker or just want a professional look without having to wear uncomfortable shoes, then these are the pair for you. With the orthotic soles found in the shoes, you can be sure that your feet won’t be in any pain for long periods.

The breathable construction of the shoe added with the generous wide toe box makes the shoe a delight to wear. If you feel like the shoe is a bit loose, just tighten it up with the strap, and you’ll fit it to your feet.

Support level 

The support level of the shoes is extremely great. The cushioning, wide toe box and multiple insoles provide great relief of support for the wearer.

Contoured footbed

The footbed of the shoe is made so that the user has the best relief. As soon as you put on the pair, you feel as if you’re walking on the clouds. The shoe adjusts to the shape of the foot of the wearer, which makes it much more comfortable for the wearer.

Wide Toe box

Multiple people have wide feet or even large toes that find your generic shoes too narrow for their liking. The wide toe box in these shoes provides great relief for people with comparatively bigger feet.

Cushioning sole

The sole is extremely cushioned so that the wearer feels relief. The shoes have the best cushioning that relieve specific pressure points in the feet that provide respite to the feet.

  • A5500 Medicare coded, which is used for diabetic and medical footwear.
  • AFO and KAFO accommodations are found in the shoe.
  • Soft genuine leather for the foot that comforts the foot.
  • Multiple soles that provide varying feet relieving benefits.
  • Breathable fabric lining that that eases pressure points within the feet.
  • Air pockets provide added comfort.
  • Anatomical arch support.
  • Adjustable strap for tightening.
  • Limited selection in colors

Final words:

Whether you want to take these shoes to work or casual occasions, they’ll always be right for you. The benefits of orthotic features make this shoe a must-have, and the number of features gives you the worth of your purchase.

03. Orthofeet Diabetic Men’s Athletic Shoes

Orthofeet shoes are always listening to their customers, and that is why they are the most demanded orthotic shoe company in the world. Every orthotic doctor point to the quality that this company manufactures, and that is why you should be on the lookout for their products.

If you’re someone that loves to take an active approach in life but are suffering from orthotic problems, then these are the shoes for you. The shoes offer multiple benefits to their wearer. The shoes have multiple insoles that all act in providing mitigation in stress to your feet. Add in the air cushioning technology, and you have yourself clouds on your feet.

Various other features help make this pair of shoes to stand out in the market.

Support level 

These shoes are extremely comfy to wear for anyone that likes to exert themselves. The cushioning, padding, and soles are excellent for active people with orthotic problems.

Multiple insoles

The multiple insoles found within the shoes help orthotic patients feel immense relief. The different soles and spaces give different respite to the different pressure points of the feet. This helps in shaping a cushioned effect, which is always welcome.

Air cushioning

The air cushioning technology is superb for anyone that likes to live an active lifestyle. The air pockets give a lot of support and give a jump in your step, which always helps out with any extraneous activities.

Seam-free interior

The seam-free interior helps in feeling a smooth sensation while wearing shoes. There aren’t a lot of shoes that have a seam-free interior, and this just adds to the value to these pair of shoes.

  • Bio-fit orthotic insole for contouring.
  • Extra foam padding interior for comfort.
  • A deep heel seat provides arch support.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Laces for a tight fit.
  • Extra-depth design for support for feet.
  • Wide toe box for individuals with bigger feet.
  • It doesn’t stay the same after a year.

Final words:

No matter where you are, having an active lifestyle is important. Functional yet stylish shoes are always important to have, which is why this pair of shoes is important to have in your life.

04. Ahannie Toddler Boys Girls Best Orthopedic shoes

Ahannie has made a great number of toddler shoes, and they’re getting better with each release. The amount of care they take in making their shoes is apparent, and that is why this pair of shoes has made this list.

The shoes are perfect for an energetic toddler. The closed-toe feature helps in protecting the child’s feet from any external threat. Couple with the non-slip soles of the shoes, then your child is much safer than any self-afflicted injuries. 

You can always strap the shoe on much harder so you can be worry-free about your child being annoyed by loose shoes. The unisex design of the shoes also helps in its design and aesthetic overall.

Support level

The support level of the shoes is exceptional for toddlers. With great arch support, closed toes protect them from any harmful materials, hooks, and loops for a great fit and anti-slip soles to keep them on their feet; the toddlers will have a fun time wearing them these shoes.


The close toe feature of the shoes provides wearers great protection from any external threat. Children usually bump their feet into hard objects that cause a lot of problems. The closed-toe protects the children from any of these problems.

Double Hook and loop

The double hook and loop help in giving the shoe the tight fit. Everyone has a different shape of feet, which is why it’s important to have this feature because you can strap it tighter if you want.

Anti-slip soles

The anti-slip sole nature of the shoes helps keep children on their toes. Children usually are clumsy, and they keep falling because of the smallest of reasons, so these shoes minimize the risk of falling over.

  • The closed-toe feature protects the feet.
  • The double hook and loop feature provides great fitting.
  • Its anti-slip sole helps instability.
  • Unisex design for toddlers.
  • Inner sole can’t be replaced

Final words:

These shoes are a perfect gift for a toddler. The number of qualities that this shoe houses and the specific safety features make it a delight to have for their children.

05. Orthofeet Top Orthopedic Men’s Sneakers Sprint

Orthofeet is always mentioned when you need comfortable, yet functional orthotic shoes. Doctors everywhere recommend this brand, and the reason is that the company cares for its companies and ensures to manufacture shoes that cater to their needs.

An active lifestyle is hard when you have orthotic problems, but ortho feet have got you covered. The ergonomic sole of these shoes provides comfort no matter how much strain is being put on your feet. With the added gel cushioning, you can be sure that you will feel the comfort that you’ve never experienced.

Support level

The support of the shoes is best for people looking for that extra support for an active lifestyle. The custom fit and insole options in the shoes help make it a very comfortable and supportive wearing experience.

Ergonomic sole

The ergonomic sole of the shoe makes it great for any person wearing them, whether they have no medical conditions or do. The soles provide a great deal of comfort for their users, with multiple padding and points of relief.

Gel padding under the heel

The gel padding under the heel gives great posture correcting qualities for the wearer. The gel lets your feet sink in, which helps make the shoe feel as if it’s made just for you.

Back fit strap

The back-fit strap behind the heel of the shoe gives a greater deal of fitting, making sure that the shoe as if it is part of your foot.

  • The shoe is designed for people who like running or straining physical activities.
  • Multiple soles for the orthotic condition.
  • Protective lining for reduced chafing in feet.
  • Extra foam padding for greater foot relief.
  • Stretchable upper for a custom fit.
  • Ergonomic cushioning stride.
  • Back heel strip for a better fit.
  • The shoes are kind of heavy

Final words:

These shoes are perfect for people that like to have a more active lifestyle and if you want to gift this pair for someone who likes physical activity, you’ll give them a gift worth your money.

06. Orthofeet Tie Less Men’s Boat Shoes Baton Rouge

Orthofeet will always be beloved by their customers for their orthotic features; it’s the ‘sole’ reason the company was made. The combination of relaxing features with functionality is what ortho feet is known for.

The multiple features offered in the shoes are outstanding as they give a combination of style and function. The soles from the inside, coupled with outer protection, make these shoes a delight.

The padded lining, extra padding, spacers, and ergonomic sole will give your feet the comfort they deserve. This pair is best for casual wear with relief benefits.

Support level 

The support level of the shoes is great considering the design. If you want a casual shoe with features that provide your feet, comfort then does not fret because the padded collars, multiple soles, spacers, and soft leather make it a shoe worth wearing.

Aesthetic design

The first thing you notice is the aesthetic design of the shoe, which makes it instantly desirable. The shoes have multiple factors in their aesthetic pleasure, whether it’s the lining, the color combination, or the overall shoe design.

Padded collar

The padded collar provides the wearer with a sense of style and comfort. The padding on the collars prevents chaffing for the user and gives great relief for the back of the foot.

Soft leather

The soft leather of the shoe gives the wearer great comfort as it doesn’t feel hard on the shoe while also being durable enough for easy use.

  • Extra padding the interior of the shoes.
  • Laces for tighter fits.
  • Soft leather for durability and comfort.
  • Protective lining to prevent chafing.
  • Multiple spacers within the shoes.
  • Orthotic soles for pain relief.
  • Ergonomic stride sole.
  • They wear down if a lot of strain is applied to them.

Final words:

The shoes have a lot going for them, as the stylistic design choice compliments the comfort that these shoes provide. If you’re a person that takes care of their style and appearance but also wants that comfort, then these are the shoes for you.

07. Orthopedic Diabetic Women’s High-Top Shoes Delta

Orthofeet was founded based on providing the best functional and stylish shoes to orthotic patients, and since its inception, they haven’t disappointed. The more they release their products, the more apparent it is that they are improving on their word.

High tops are always in style, but aesthetically pleasing and functional high tops are a rarity, so why are these shoes a gem. The stylistic choices aside, the shoes have great padding giving you a great foot wearing experience. The shoes have a stretchable upper that adjusts to their wearer’s feet and give a custom experience.

The shoes have multiple soles and spacers that give the feet great comfort. The ergonomic sole, which contours itself to the shape of the shoe, makes it worth trying out at least once, and it’s hard for you to turn these sneakers away.

Support level

Orthofeet shoes have the best support level as their appearance in this model as well. The arch support in the shoes, extra padding, ergonomic soles make this shoe worth investing in.

Extra foam padding:

The extra foam padding of this shoe has the great effect of really making the wearing experience of the shoe as comfortable as it should be. It feels as if you’re wearing cushions around your feet around.

Stretchable upper:

The stretchable upper of the shoe gives great relief and breathability to the feet. The upper makes the custom fitting for your shoe that much easier because of its stretchable nature.

Protective lining:

The protective lining of the shoes is a great addition because it gives your shoes an added durability that not many shoes have. This also offers greater breathability for the shoe as it adjusts for your feet.

  • Extra foam padding.
  • Stretchable upper.
  • Protective lining.
  • Laces for better fitting.
  • Ergonomic soles.
  • Multiple orthotic soles.
  • Fitting spaces under the main sole for foot relief.
  • There were some inaccuracies in measurement for customer fittings.

Final words:

Considering how the shoe functions, and how stylish it is, makes this shoe worth having. Combining style and functionality is hard, but ortho feet have surely outdone themselves with this model.

08. Modern Jazz Dance, Easy Shoe Platform Loafers

Slow Man is upping their game with their recent releases. No matter which product you look towards, you can see they’re made with care and the highest quality you can find when it comes to shoe production.

The shoes have a variety of things in their arsenal. The shoe is made for everyday use, no matter if you’re going to work, for workouts, or any place that needs you to stand for a long time. The air cushion of the shoes gives an alleviated feel, and with the great arch support, you can expect no shocks on your shoes.

The stylistic choices that you can make from these shoes are endless as it comes in a multitude of colors and designs. With the mesh fabric construction, the shoes offer great breathability.

Support level

The arch support of the shoe is excellent, couple it with the box toe feature of this shoe, and you have yourself a shoe that gives great support and relief to your feet.

Air cushion sole

The air cushion sole always makes it easier to walk in. The shoe provides great relief to the foot with these air pocket shoes.

Boxed toe

The boxed toe gives great access to stability and varying options that you can do which you can’t see in other shoes. You can stand on your toes without feeling the pressure of your body weight that you usually would.

Perforated Arch

The perforated arch is perfect ventilation and breathability. This offers an excellent feeling of easiness on the wearers part. Prevention of the build of sweat always makes these shoes a delight to wear.

  • Mesh fabric construction for flexibility.
  • Boxed toe shoe for stability.
  • Air sole technology for easy treading.
  • Easy slip-on shoes for quick wearing.
  • Very light to wear.
  • Great arching support.
  • Great variety of colors to choose from.
  • They deform after a year

Final words:

The shoes are great for the casual wearer and also goes great with professional life as well. The mesh fabric compliments the design of the shoes, and with the support features in it, no wonder its desired by the public.

Conclusion: Best Orthopedic Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Shoes are important for your everyday life, as most people tend to overlook. This is especially true for people that have orthotic problems. No matter which position you find yourself in, you need a good pair of shoes to get you through the day.

If you’re considering an active lifestyle, Orthofeet’s Diabetic Athletic shoes are great. They provide excellent support for the runners and are easy to strap on.

For people that want a more casual look, the best option is to have slow men’s shoes for women and Orthofeets Baton Rogue. They give a more aesthetic look while providing comfort to boot!

No matter what your choice in shoes is, make sure you know what you’re looking for, and if they meet you’re criteria, and this list will surely meet your standard in every regard.

Are you Interested to know more about shoes and supportive accessories? Keep visiting our blog.

Who makes the best orthopedic shoes?

There are many orthopedic shoes manufacturers. We have listed some popular orthopedic shoes maker below.
·        Orthofeet, Inc (Most popular)
·        Clarks Shoes
·        American Orthopedics Inc
·        Elite Orthopaedics, Inc.
·        Marshall Kloene Orthopedics, Inc.
·        Hauser Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.
·        SunStone Lab
·        Comfortland Inc.
·        American Orthopedics Inc.

What shoes do orthopedic doctors recommend?

In fact, it depends on the patient’s feet problem. There are number of feet disorders like, bunion, wide feet, plantar fasciitis etc. Contrary to Ordinary shoes, orthopedic shoes are specially designed shoes with special features like extra cushioning, shock absorption capable soles, arch support, and wide toe box etc. We have listed the best orthopedic shoes that are usually recommended by doctors. Check here.

What shoes have best arch support?

There is verity of shoes available in the market with best arch support. Many top brands introduce shoes with best arch support. We have also listed best shoes with arch support. You can check here.  

DO orthopedic shoes really work?

Yes, orthopedic shoes have superior features that are helpful to avoid excessive pain, shock, and injuries. Orthopedic shoes are not treatment of diseases but these shoes help patient to minimize the problems. So, when you are suffering with any feet problem like plantar fasciitis. You have to choose your footwear wisely. We have listed above best orthopedic shoes to help our readers.

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