Best Foot Massage for Plantar Fasciitis?

Do you have pain in your heel? Do you feel trouble standing all day long because of plantar fasciitis? If yes, and then you should use some home-based remedies.

One thing that definitely provides you relief is to change your boots. Try to buy the best shoes for plantar fasciitis that are designed for this purpose. The thick soft cushioned will help you providing the relief.

Moreover, to get rid of heel pain, you can apply various foot massage it will be soothing. Let’s have a look at what type of message you can use to feel relax.

Heel-of-hand massage

It is an excellent remedy to get rid of the pain. To apply this massage, follow the steps given below

  • Sit down on a chair or bed. Bring your one foot up to the position so that you can easily reach it with your hand.
  • Now use the palm of another hand to push down the sole of your foot. Work from heels to toes. Apply gentle pressure.
  • First, apply longer stroke, and light pressure then increases the pressure. You should use your body weight to apply the pressure. 

Adding a toe flex

While doing heel of hand massage try to point and flex your toes in each direction. Massage your toe individually. Pull it out and move in circles. During this activity, keep your toe relaxed. In this way, you can feel soothing and get no stress on the foot.

Ice massage

It is the best foot massage for plantar fasciitis. To do it follow the steps given below

  • Sit on the bed or chair
  • Now place the frozen bottle or can under your feet
  • Roll in whole foot forward and backward.
  • Repeat procedure for 5 to 10 minutes.

A quick tip: To get relief from the pain, it is good to do massage in the morning when you wake up. It stretches out your muscles and soothes your pain.

Tips to start

When you massage your feet, you feel good and get relief. You may be uncomfortable at the start, but with time, you will see the difference. To apply the massage don’t forget the following tips

  • Start with soft hands.
  • Do not apply hard pressure, rather start with low pressure and gradually increase it.
  • Don’t push the sore portions.

It is important to keep in mind these points because heel pain is intense and wrong direction massage or high pressure may aggravate the problem.

The best time to perform massages is in the morning before leaving the bed. Do massage before putting weight on feet.

Warm-up your foot by using the moisturizer that will improve blood circulation in the heel area.

These are a few massages that you can apply. These are very easy. You can do it with yourself. If you make a habit of massaging your foot on a daily basis than soon you will get rid of this problem and feel easy while standing or walking.

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