Features of Shoes: Shoes good for your feet and posture

It is somewhat proven by scientists that we use our feet to walk the equivalent of 5 times the circumference of the earth. This is a simple reason why we must choose shoes or footwear wisely. There is much attention needed in selecting shoes.

Shoes are the primary thing noticed in a person. They should be comfortable and fitting. Discomfort and incorrect footwear can lead to problems in legs, knees, feet’s and lower backside.

Good shoes typically do not mean that they should be less in price or made of some famous brand that shows off the luxury and richness. There are many factors in shoes which are to be noted, including:


Shoes should be most stable on the feet. There should be laces and Velcro that allows the wearer to adjust accordingly.


The sole or heel would be most stable and balanced. They should also be soft and flexible for the prevention of vertical or horizontal heel movement.


The width should be sufficient enough at the front and the sides of the toes to move freely. In a regular walk, the feet should spread out and lengthen up to 1 cm on each side.

The trick here is to pick shoes that are longer than the largest toe and width of the thumb.

Heel size:

The heel of shoes must not ever exceed the limit of 2.5cm in its height. If it exceeds the threshold, then there is un-stability and a gateway to sprains and foot pains.

Good Condition:

Too much-worn footwear loses its functionalities. Using them more and more will prove stressful to feet and resulting in injuries. The limit for use should be 500 to 600 km.

Shoes good for your feet and posture

It is said by people that shoes usually increase in length and width over time, but there is no proof of that. They generally remain the same. Therefore, there are things which are to look for shoes:

  • The dress shoes for men should be at least half inches between the length of the longest toe to the leather of shoes. Using a finger for the indication is an excellent way.
  • The ball of feet should fit comfortably in the widest part of the shoe in case of men. While in the case of women, shoes are not to be very wide.
  • Always shop for footwear in the afternoon because the afternoon is the time of day where your feet expand and length the most. For the close’s shoes, take a pair of socks then wear them. If the feed is not so free and breathable in the shoe, then there is a chance that there will be no space afterward.
  • There is a difference between the left and right foot. To find them out is a matter of importance.
  • Buying sports shoes is also a matter of importance and preference. The reason for sports shoes is purchasing the shoes is an initial step. Try to stand on the ball of feet in a semi top toe posture then fix your index finger between the heel and the back of the foot.
  • If without laces you feel uncomfortable then with the laces you will feel comfortable. There is no point in purchasing shoes. The feet need some space in closed shoes, therefore, try to loosen up the laces for some breathability.


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