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Types of Footwear and Their Names
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Your feet are an integral part of your body, those carries the weight of your whole body. So, before going to buy shoes for “YOUR VERY OWN FEET” it is better to have some knowledge about, “Types of Footwear and Their Names”.

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Do You know, How many types of shoes are available in the market and what is the difference between them? In this article, we summarize different types of shoes and their uses

Types of shoes: Types of Footwear and Their Names

As of today, footwear or shoes are of many types. There are numerous concepts and designs of shoes for both men and women to try out. Some of them are for home wearing, while others are only for the outside environment. –

In both cases, they protect the foot of humans. There are numerous ones out there which include:

Oxford or Balmorals:

These styles are for men only. They are traditional footwear, which is characterized by their rounded toes and caps. Having a closing lases style and classic design, this footwear is worn by businessmen. Having a unique style, they are also termed as Balmorals shoes which are named after the queen’s castle in Scotland


Derby’s are just like the oxford or the Balmoral shoes but with one or two differences. As the oxford shoes are made with the lasses and outer covering inside the eyelet, Derby’s are the opposite of them. They are made with the eyelet facing outwards, and some are glued on the top while the others are stitched on the thin vamp. Having uniqueness, they are also termed as open front style.


As they are named Brogues, they have the perforations, and this is their unique style. They can be Derby’s shoes or the oxford shoes while having the embroidery on the other shoe surface. They have visible separations at the edges of the materials.

They are also termed as casual shoes because of their style and outdoor footwear category.


They are usually flat bottom shoes, but some are also on the high heel feature. They are originated from the Pyrenees, made of canvas or cotton. They have the soles which are made up of jute rope. The upper part of shoes is made of different materials, but the soles are typically rubber-like and made up of Jute rope.

They are also called as Alpargatas.


Monk straps are in the category of laceless shoes. They have the straps or buckles on the side of shoes that are used for the closing of shoes. There are single strap shoes, and then there are double strap shoes. They look suitable for the suiting or denim.

They gained popularity from the monks in Europe.

Boat Shoes:

They are also like Espadrilles, having the construction of canvas or leather materials. The main prominent design in the outer part of shoes which is water repellent and stain proof. They are handmade or sewed. They are also of the two types.

The shoelace version and the laceless version. There is also a pattern Herringbone, which is carved onto them. The two other names on the shoes are Deck shoes and -topsider shoes.


Boots are from the category of long boots. They not only provide full protection but also are designed to cover the ankles and protect them. They are winter boots and not for the summer season. They are characterized by their stylish looks and long design.

They are also then separated into different types called rigger boots, dress boots, Chelsea boots or fashion boots, etc.


Their grips characterize these shoes on the bottom or sole. They are equipped with the projecting pieces of metal and hard rubber, which provided the extra grip. These shoes are specially for football, basketball or baseball, etc.

These shoes come in a new type which has the studded soles, and these shoes are called studs.


Loafers are the ones that don’t contain any laces or the buckles whatsoever. Simply termed as they don’t consist of any fastening system or mechanism. They are designed in such a way that the foot is slipped into them quickly, making is very comfortable and easy to wear.

The other names given to Loafers are the Slipons and are available for both men and women which the children version is also available in the market


Sneakers are the most popular category of shoes that are worn in every country by men and women. They are usually designed for sports or physical exercises but typically are characterized by their universal looks. They can be termed as casual shoes.

The other name given to them is athletic shoes or casual ones. They are then characterized into soft shoes having the rubber sole and then the solid rubber or the gum rubber sole shoes.

Flip Flops:

Flip flops are the casual sandals that have the v-shaped upper section onto which the toes fit into. They are not usually called by a single name, making them a universal type of shoes. They are available for all ages and all genders.


Sandals are the ones that are like the flipflops but with a strap section on the back of the foot, just behind the ankle. The toes are left uncovered while they fit onto the V-shaped structures. They are usually for the occasions but are termed as universal shoes because of their use and their comfort level.

They are not for the sports because of the uncovered fingers of feet, and they are worn in the summer season only. For the winter they can be worn but it will in injurious. They are available for women only and contain all types of heel options.

Ankle Straps:

These shoes are only for women and contain high heels. This is their characterized feature, and also, they include straps for the tightening of shoes. They are made with different types of materials and not the single one. Generally, they are on the stylish side.

Ballet Flats:

As the name suggests, they are the flat sole shoes for women only. They are inspired by the famous ballet shoes. They are also the enclosed shoe type for women, which protect the toes and the feet. Having a high comfort level, they can be of any design and shape. For the warmer season, they are best but can be worn in the summer season with socks.

Mules: Another type of footwear/shoes

Mules are the opposite of V-shaped shoes for women, having the covered toes design but are backless. They can be of any type of heel, but usually, they contain standard heels. They are termed into the category of casual shoes but are also worn by women in the professional environment or working environment.

Mules are mainly for the women, but today they are also made for the males.


Having the closed toes and heels, pumps are shoes with any type of material that ranges from the leather to the canvas. They contain the heels from 0.5 inches to the 4 inches category. They have thick soles on them to increase the height.


Platforms are the stylish type of shoes with thick soles and heels. They were known for the symbol of wealth in ancient Greek. They are also known as disco shoes or platform shoes because of their style and reputation.

Peep Toes:

As the name suggests, Peep toes have the design on the front, which shows a bit of toe. They can have both the heels and non-heels construction, depending on their elegance and their style.


Having the heel shaped like a wedge. Wedges because famous because of their unique and balanced design. They have the construction of sandals on the top while the unique feature is their bottom. They are also many types of wedges pumps or wedges boots available in the category of wedges.

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